This week I was referred to a well-attended conference on Medicare trends, etc. Medicare Congress sounds like a great event to network with Medicare Insurance marketing folks. Looking forward to it.

Lindsay Resnick sent me an article this morning that I think hits on some things that have been building in the industry for that last several years, now finally coming to a head. His “Smackdown for Healthcare Marketing” article for Brokerworld speaks plainly about what’s ahead in 2008. His Blog restates essentially the same thing.

I must say, I feel like the Vietnam vet guy in “Independence Day” when the feds finally reveal the truth about the aliens in A51 (sorry, I’d spell it out, but I rather not come up in a search on that topic.) :-) “…I’ve been saying it for ten damn years!” LOL The volume is getting louder: Search Marketing, Web Marketing, New Media, and now Social Networks. (Of course, Social Networks have been around since the beginning, but we’re starting to figure out how to Web-enable them – LinkedIn, MySpace, FaceBook, and a host of others.)

It mentions Agility. I like the term “Nimbility”. Look, here’s the thing, if you’re not in the game, get in. And don’t wait for your IT department to help you with it — 9 out of 10 are hopelessly mired in “higher priorities.” Forget excuses, re-prioritize your efforts, get on Amazon and order a couple books, start a Blog even if you don’t tell anyone about it. It’s NOT that difficult, but you have to get your hands dirty to really understand it. From personal experience, while Yes it’s like learning a new language, after a couple years of steady work, you’ll look back and be extremely glad you made the effort. It’s a heck of lot better than being the last one standing when the music stops, if you know what I mean.


Really looking forward to PIMA and ICMG. First ICMG: Scottsdale, first week of February, a record-number of registrations, sold out hotel, full exhibit hall. Should be a electric. Hope I can draw these savvy marketers attention to Web marketing concepts – lead engines for the agents, automated cross-sell (gotta be in the game first, tho), multi-purpose quote engines (agent-driven, call-center, direct-to-consumer, …), electronic applications, agent portals, so much to do for these guys.

PIMA also looks to be great. Coming off a kickin MarkeTTech conference, I’m hopeful that the buzz around new media and Web marketing, e-signature, social networks, and so forth will still be going. I’m concerned for these direct marketing veterans – savvy, but many are not really in the game yet. But some are, and tell you what, they’re not going to be the ones standing without the chair.