Question: What kinds of things come to mind when you think of a disposable camera?

Most people have said things like… “You can throw it away…. cheap…. easy to use…. gets the job done.” Precisely.

So how does that relate to an insurance Web site? Think about it: In the insurance marketing space, many insurance products come and go, right? Certainly, the life-span of an insurance marketing campaign is short. So maybe there’s something to the concept of a disposable Web site for marketing insurance??? It’s got to be:

  1. quick to set-up (few weeks),
  2. easy to use (suitable for a non-technical marketing staffer),
  3. and needs to fit inside the marketing budget

However, unlike a boxy disposable camera where there is little premium on the look-and-feel, the design of the Web site is CRITICAL to its conversion ratio’s. Perhaps there’s the rub?? And perhaps that’s why so many insurance marketers generally stay away from Web sites for fulfillment: takes too long to get the site up, too hard to make changes, costs too much, and in the end doesn’t look good (and thus perform well).

Well, we may have a solution to all this. I’ll be sharing the idea around at the upcoming ICMG and PIMA Annual Meetings in February. We’ll see if it yields some fruit in 2008.


By the way, I made the trip to Blythe O’Sullivan’s memorial (see the post from a few weeks ago). I’m so glad I did. I have been inspired in a life-changing and unforgettable way by her life and how she lived in the few years she had. Truly amazing….

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