(Next week I’m at ICMG and then directly to PIMA. I’ll try to post some sound bites and pics.)

Last week at the Medicare Congress, I saw the best presentation I’ve seen in many years. Sherman Rogers with Fine Light gave an incredibly insightful look at the boomer market and what they are going to expect from insurance company and agency Web sites. “…way more demanding…” “…today’s seniors do what they’re told; not so with boomers…” “…new individualism…” “…they feel empowered and want to be in control…” “reimbursements are going down [i.e. Medicare payments, etc.] … won’t be able to support agent commissions…” “…brand loyalty will erode…” Doesn’t it seem to be pointing toward sophisticated Web sites, multi-carrier quotes, self-directed enrollments, etc.????

I hope the insurance companies in that space were taking notes. I further hope that they don’t make the same tired mistake of turning to the internal IT department for help. I hope they look to peers that are engaged and figuring it out, pick their brain, and ask for Web marketing and Web development experts who have at least some experience in the insurance space and the Web. IT’S CRITICAL! I hope they won’t be the last one standing when the music stops. I hope they won’t think what works today will work tomorrow…

Some pics: (click on the image to enlarge)

Shot of the Phoenix Open, sorry the IBR, the week before play…

I hiked up Camelback Mountain to get some sunrise pictures. Another guy from Atlanta had the same idea… Thanks, Dave.

Another cool picture from the climb.
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