Curious thing came across my screen today…

“Effective immediately, CMS will not allow an agent to earn a commission if the application for Medicare Part D is submitted on an electronic application.”

WOW! This would be big news, and in my book, seemingly incomprehensible. I’m trying to corroborate this information before I launch into a rant. I’ve looked in all the usual places but can’t find anything. Have you heard anything about this? If so, please shoot me an email or use the Comment box and post a link or whatever….

I was in Baltimore last week. It was a beautiful day so I thought I’d grab a picture of the site of PIMA MarkeTTech 2008. Can’t wait. Potential themes (unofficial): Pull Marketing, Channel of Choice (right time/right message/right medium and of course, right product/price). Suggestions and speaker referrals always welcome.

Baltimore Inner Harbor

IdeaStar got a nice plug in the Agent’s Sales Journal as a resource for Web development services. It’s a good article. Big surprise… Insurance Web sites came in dead last in a recent multi-industry survey, “…insurance company Web sites were shown to actually confuse rather than help visitors.” Way to go internal IT departments. Here’s an idea! Next time the marketing department comes looking for a new site or a redesign/relaunch, say, “Let’s find an expert together.” Better yet, go to marketing proactively, suggest that it’s time to overhaul the Web site, you want to outsource the job, and you got a couple names. But bring your video camera – you’ll get a nice reaction shot of someone FAINTING! LOL Read the full story:

3rd Annual Technology Resource Directory – Web Development

In Chicago and Indiana next week, then off for Christmas.