The 2007 PIMA MarkeTTech conference seemed to be a big hit, if I may say so. I’ve updated my photo-site on SmugMug with selected pictures from the conference. Following are a few…

Out to dinner at Cafe Spiaggia
Jon Kaplan, Karen Roy, Rick Norris

Chicago city lights picture from the top of the John Hancock building

A favorite action shot of PIMA Chair, George Bode

Nice picture of the Chicago skyline

During the conference, I had the chance to grab a few courageous volunteers and record a few sound bites of their reflections. The idea is to hear a few thoughts about Day One, where we heard from Google, experts on social media, email, search engine marketing, e-signature and e-commerce. We also had a presentation from Vertis on Breaking Through the Clutter of the Marketing Dep’t by using Web-based document sharing and collaboration tools. We had a great session from Warren Hunter of DMW Worldwide called Bringing it all Together. And then the last session of the day was a Challenge Breakout where interested people got together to meet each other and discuss some of the barriers and challenges we currently face as an industry.

Click here to listen in to just a short peak at what different attendees found most interesting…

I also found pearls of insight. Google’s comment on current online demographics was especially poignant. I think I heard Jon Kaplan say, “you may be missing out on the next generation of customers” if we don’t start pursuing them online. Yikes!

My biggest take-away was the consistent message that folks in the affinity insurance marketing space are well-advised to shift their focus away from direct-mail and telemarketing to Web-marketing. I heard one directmail veteran say something like, “I need to hire some younger people!!!” Correct! Search engine marketing, high-performing landing pages, search engine optimized content, innovative products that can be bought and issued online, social media marketing, email marketing… all these new-media marketing tools and strategies need to be pursued with vigor.

Btw, I updated the RSS feed subscription links on the lower right of the Blog homepage. And again, check out the pictures of The Drake, the 2007 PIMA MarkeTTech Symposium, and the Windy City on SmugMug.