2007 AM Best E-Fusion Award Recipient Click on the link to watch the Award announcement. I won’t spoil your surprise if you haven’t already heard. But I will say the winner did a heck of a job on their site – very impressive. Yes, as usual, I was a little late for the call… :-)

So I’m off to the 2007 PIMA MarkeTTech Symposium. The good news is that it’s ‘sold out’. As a conference chair in collaboration with Kathie Kinde, AIA, Fred Hron, Forrest T. Jones, and Lidia Ventrella, AON, that’s a good thing.

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • Dinner with Jon Kaplan, Google and some others at the dine-around Sunday night.
  • Jon’s Opening Keynote talk.
  • Devon Harris’s Closing Keynote about the original Jamaican Bobsled Team.
  • The e-signature and e-commerce talk by Patrick Hatfield, Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP and Marc Majers with insurance.com.
  • The Marketing Methods Competition. As the previous year’s winner of the Best of PIMA award, I’m thinking I should bring my Green Jacket and hand it off ala the Masters.
  • Taking pictures, podcasting, manning the booth – too much!

For the podcast, I hope to be able to get some short sound-bytes from people on Tuesday morning… Why did you come? What were your take-away’s from yesterday? etc.

So it should be an action-packed three days. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – another fun highlight:

  • Watching the Browns @ Steelers game on Sunday with Kathie Kinde, an AVID Browns fan. Supposed to be one of the biggest Browns/Steelers games in recent years. Kathie’s pumped! I don’t know which will be better – watching the game or watching Kathie watch the game!!! LOL

PS. Shooting the boys from CVCA at the Ohio High School Athletic Association Division 2 State Championship Men’s Soccer game tomorrow at 11 a.m. at Crew Stadium in Columbus. A co-worker loaned me his Canon 100-400 L-lens for the game. SWEET!