In a meeting in NYC this morning, I heard an interesting stat that I thought I’d share. Joe Salesky, CEO of ClairMail said this: “Selling multiple products is the key to retention. If you only sell 1 product to a customer, that translates to a 15% retention; 3 products = 80-85% retention.”

Interesting to be here on 9/11 and a Tuesday. I’m going to the WTC area tonight after work…..

Here are some thoughts on getting into Web-marketing for insurance. These thoughts are from a presentation I made to a Japanese utility looking to get into insurance marketing.

Establish a 3-5 year Web development and marketing strategy:

Phase 1

  • Simple sites, simple promotions
  • Niche sites, product focused
  • Simple enrollments in guaranteed/simplified issue products

Phase 2

  • Marketing communications with the customers
  • Affiliate marketing, link strategies
  • Social networks – driving buzz and dialog about needs and solutions
  • Leverage the products in Phase 1

Phase 3

  • More sophistication in products

But above all, make sure (#1) the products are competitive, (#2) marketing is aggressive, and (LASTLY #3) the Web site is excellent.

Personal note: Last weekend I was out in Denver for my niece’s wedding. Here’s a picture my daughter shot at the wedding of me with my sisters and brother. Nice shot!