This weekend I will be attending the 3rd Annual Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario, CA. I know… California. Hey, I’ve got to keep up with this emerging media, right!?! Btw, I’m getting approval on Episode 18 right now — it’s a good one.

Even though I am not a major player in the big scheme of things, I hope to pick up some good tips. I will travel out there with 4 of my fellow IdeaStar employees. Joining me will be Brent Williams, our Creative Director, Jeff “JDo” Dolsen, our Multimedia Designer, Laurel Baldwin, my Sales counterpart, and Mary Fisher, our Communications Manager.

Unfortunately I will be pretty busy for 3 full days while I am in Southern California, but I will do my best to try and find some good photo ops. I will also be podcasting, even if I have to do it solo!

Most popular picture from last week:

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