Joan O’Sullivan, Managing Director, and Mark Poole, SVP/Director of Marketing, both with Marsh U.S. Consumer, which operates through the Marsh subsidiary Seabury & Smith, Inc., graciously agreed to share their thoughts at the 2007 PIMA Summer Conference. It seems rare to get these two industry veterans in the same place at the same time with enough time to consider a few questions.

The subject at hand again is the future of the Web within the Life and Health insurance market. Where are we headed, what’s the opportunity, what are the barriers, and how do we overcome them in order to maximize the potential? I find Joan and Mark’s thoughts appropriate to the current situation we face. And I hope their exhortations are heard by the industry – outsourcing Web development to experts within the field is critical to success. While not intending to disparage internal IT resources, the issues Mark and Joan raise clearly articulate the rationale for outsourcing.

Interesting stuff…. Joan, Mark, kudos to you for braving new territory. Thanks for sharing.

Joan O’Sullivan, PIMA veteran and innovator

Mark Poole, tech savvy, energetic, courageous.

Click here to hear Joan and Mark’s thoughts on the future of the Web for insurance.