I left the 2007 PIMA Summer Conference completely satisfied and fulfilled, notable because that’s unusual… for me anyway. There’s almost always a wrinkle, regret, or worse yet, a travel-related issue. But this time, I guess it was my turn to have a great time, do some business, and leave on a positive note…. Following are some pictures that tell the story. I’ll also be posting two podcasts recorded live at the conference as soon as I get a bit more unburied.

Cool pic from the Board Meeting (l-r immed. past Pres, next Pres., curr. Pres., CEO, 3rd in line Pres.)

Balloon ride on the property… took lots of these.

I was pretty happy to be there with my camera for these people. Tough to get the flame in the shot like this…

Kayak-ing trip down a local river… Great trip – a favorite of the kids (right)

A morning Roundtable discussion… tough subject matter for these folks… but a good discussion nonetheless.

Got to stop by Ben & Jerry’s for a tour.
Very cool company…pun intended

Sorry… I had to have someone take my picture. Thanks Dave.

The preso went really well (I thought). People liked the music video. JDo, you ROCK!

This person said she really liked this picture of herself… and normally doesn’t.

I think this as a Vermont guy, but hard to say. (click to enlarge)

The bear definitely IS!

Colored by the setting sun, this is the Pres’s wife and son.

Netnet, I’m pleased with the receptivity e-business is starting to receive. Perhaps the Life and Health Insurance carriers and distributors are finally starting to move as a herd. Speaking of animals… a funny story from the conference. Someone came up to me at a reception and said,

“Mike, I see you’re taking a lot of picture of everyone. Must be like a safari.”
I said, “A safari? What do you mean?”
“Well, you’re taking pictures of insurance people in their natural habitat!!!”