John Steber is a significant asset to the affinity marketing profession with the Life and Health insurance vertical. With an interesting background in a couple other industries, John brings some fresh ideas to the marketplace. And the impacts of those ideas are starting to be seen.

In listening to John, he has a clear grasp of the critical issues we all face in selling L&H insurance via the Web. Since voluntary and supplemental insurance products are not top-of-mind products (versus auto and home), the key is triggering the thoughts of people, and then using Web sites to help them make those thoughts actionable.

John’s 3-step marketing approach is terrific. He also shares some VERY interesting thoughts on some of the barriers to more effective Web utilization and how to overcome them. These are ideas everyone in our biz needs to hear and contemplate. I also appreciate John’s comments on the value of outsourcing. Lastly, John shares a creative perspective on MarkeTTech and how to use the symposium to lift the effectiveness of the whole insurance development and distribution team. John, Hartford Life is lucky to have you.

John Steber, came to insurance from… Progeny Marketing and BankOne Credit Cards

Click here to hear John’s thoughts on the future of the Web for insurance