IdeaStar is BUSY! Busy I tell you!

In addition to other projects, we have two new clients: group insurance administrator Forrest T. Jones & Company, Inc., and a pharmacy benefits management company serving the Medicare Part D market who wishes to remain anonymous.

I’m excited about this project because Forrest T. Jones is a member of the Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA), an organization in which I am active. It shows PIMA members are starting to see the value in IdeaStar’s Web products and services.

Forrest T. Jones, based in Kansas City, MO, contracted with IdeaStar to redesign its Web presence and Web-enable its primary products so members of its target markets, including educators, attorneys, accountants and health care professionals, can enroll online. A January 2008 launch date is scheduled.

This is a challenging Web project because Forrest T. Jones is an affinity marketer focusing on many categories. But IdeaStar has a great solution. Sorry, you’ll have to wait until the launch after the first of next year for details.

The client who wishes to remain anonymous contracted with IdeaStar to set up content managed, template-driven Web sites for its Medicare Part D clients. An Oct. 15 deadline is set to meet government requirements for 2008 Medicare Part D marketing activities.

This is a great project for us because the company will benefit from work we’ve already done for a similar client. And the best part about it is the end-product will make life easier for seniors that use the Web.

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