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I know, I know. It’s been three weeks! Yikes. So much has happened…
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First week of June was focused on a trip to see a client. Here’s a clue as to where I was.

Largest Tree in CT
While I was there discussing cutting edge insurance technologies and their use for selling term life in the association/affinity space, I decided to climb what is widely considered to be the second most-climbed mountain in the world. I made it to the top, although I confess that the trip down was MUCH more difficult (and painful). Any guess as to where I was?!!?

The second week of June I returned as expected to a tornado of catch-up/follow-up activity. Lot of good things happening, including a new contract with another large association/affinity insurance marketer. In the meantime, I got a call from my boss telling me he had two tickets to Game 4 of the NBA FINALS!!! WOW! That’s the biggest sports event I’ve ever been to.

Note that my son, one step below in the aisle, was fresh off his summer job building railroad track at a steel mill – as he tells it, one of the dirtiest places to work period. It was awesome even though the Cavs came up short. Wait til next year…

Then this week was the kickoff of the afore-mentioned new project. Plus I had another client in the office for an urgent project relative to CMS and Medicare Part D/PFFS. And there’s been a whole bunch of events in the middle of all that! So does that explain why it’s been a while?!?!

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