Our final serving of Gumbo-Cooking Up the Organization of the Future — a 3-Part podcast with author and industry consultant Mike Manes — will focus on the “Stock”.

The Stock is Communication. Applying it to this Blog, I see it relative to the new ways insurance executives need to communicate. It seems critically important to understand this concept. Not only does the concept apply to internal communications, but external as well, like how well the insurance company or marketing organization communicates through its Web site. Mike makes some great points. He then concludes with the intangible aspects of doing business, including the spiritual and philosophical components of a successful enterprise. Great stuff.

During the podcast recording session, we spoke about Mike’s general impression about podcasting and the medium, and I rattled off a few statistics about this Blog. As a seasoned insurance veteran, Mike said he appreciates this opportunity to reach out to Generation X and Y’ers, the up and coming generation of insurance executives. We hope his thoughts, reasons, and visions will be of value to them now and in the future.

As I mentioned, this is our last of three podcasts. I found the experience to be positive, glad I did it, and appreciate Mike making himself available. I hope people grab his book and implement his ideas. It’s a good bet that the concepts will help the health insurance industry move in a positive direction. At the end of the day, that’s what I’m after.

Click here to listen.