Here it is as promised: The first of a 3-part series of podcasts with Mike Manes, author of GUMBO – Cooking Up the Organization of the Future. The book is tagged as “The ideal tool to create a shared understanding of tomorrow among leadership, management and staff.”

It’s a GREAT book! I recently read it straight-through on a flight from Cleveland to Orlando. I was so energized that I ran over an old man on the jetway, grabbed a car, and called this veteran insurance guy to see if he would do some podcasting with me. If you read the book, much of what he wrote about seems to be extremely relevant to the health insurance carrier environment of today.

To break it down, we’ll be podcasting on the three main themes of his book. The first is about Mike’s background and “Roux”- a thickener for soups and stocks (applied to the insurance industry, of course). Next week we’ll discuss the “Holy Trinity”. And the last week will be about the “Stock”.

Click here to listen to Mike Manes – Part 1

My hope is people who find this blog will order this book and read it. To order the book or connect with Mike, go to

After you listen to Mike’s observations, feel free to share similar experiences in health and life insurance to illustrate some of his points. Please don’t mention names.