I’ve been discussing something new to clients and prospective clients. It’s an “E-business Blueprint for Success” — just a little (but perhaps very important) new consulting service I’ve been contemplating.

It’s the type of thing any company can do with any business model. But our “E-business Blueprint for Success” is tailored for the insurance industry, to help scope out the best way to integrate Web-enabled products and services into the overall business plan.

We sit down with the primary and secondary decision makers within a company and discuss in-depth the needs and goals of the company. We then survey business partners including agents and consumers, to validate the opinions of internal stakeholders. We then take the findings and prioritize them based on ROI potential. We also identify foundational items, which may not have the biggest ROI, but are important for smooth operation of all future Web-enabled services.

Out of all this we get a comprehensive Web strategy an insurance company can build on. Of course, nothing is ever fool proof. And flawless execution is always the goal but difficult to achieve. The concept is to use the “E-business Blueprint for Success” to hopefully increase the odds of “success.”

It takes a lot of education to get everybody in a traditional insurance company on-board with Web-enabled products and services. But it’s clear the insurance industry is moving in that direction. The “E-business Blueprint for Success” ensures a well-thought-out strategy which allows a company to move in a purposeful manner, avoiding haphazard starts and stops.

What do you think about this concept? Someone mentioned… Plan your work/Work your plan. Share thoughts. Click the Comments link below to add value and start a thread. (Try not to be ‘anonymous’, though… kinda’ lame, ya’ know?)