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I’m preparing for a couple road trips right now, so time is a bit compressed. But I wanted to give a heads-up that I will be hosting a very interesting podcast mini-series in the month of May. I have a special guest speaker on tap that will be sharing insights about insurance companies and relevancy. I don’t want to say much more than that, but just wanted to start promoting it.

Hey, I got a chance to shoot a little Spring Hockey. My co-worker, Jane, has a son who is REALLY good. In this particular game, Nick scored 5 GOALS! A couple favorite pictures. (Click to see a larger image.)

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On a bitter-sweet note, my Cannon Rebel XT gave up the ghost this weekend. But I estimate that I’ve taken between 40-50 THOUSAND pictures with the little guy. So while it’s only about 2 years old, it has served well. As I like to say, It’s not the years — it’s the mileage. With college soccer looming on the horizon, I guess it’s time to upgrade. Where can I find a low-mileage, used Cannon 20D? E-Bay?


I’ve been discussing something new to clients and prospective clients. It’s an “E-business Blueprint for Success” — just a little (but perhaps very important) new consulting service I’ve been contemplating.

It’s the type of thing any company can do with any business model. But our “E-business Blueprint for Success” is tailored for the insurance industry, to help scope out the best way to integrate Web-enabled products and services into the overall business plan.

We sit down with the primary and secondary decision makers within a company and discuss in-depth the needs and goals of the company. We then survey business partners including agents and consumers, to validate the opinions of internal stakeholders. We then take the findings and prioritize them based on ROI potential. We also identify foundational items, which may not have the biggest ROI, but are important for smooth operation of all future Web-enabled services.

Out of all this we get a comprehensive Web strategy an insurance company can build on. Of course, nothing is ever fool proof. And flawless execution is always the goal but difficult to achieve. The concept is to use the “E-business Blueprint for Success” to hopefully increase the odds of “success.”

It takes a lot of education to get everybody in a traditional insurance company on-board with Web-enabled products and services. But it’s clear the insurance industry is moving in that direction. The “E-business Blueprint for Success” ensures a well-thought-out strategy which allows a company to move in a purposeful manner, avoiding haphazard starts and stops.

What do you think about this concept? Someone mentioned… Plan your work/Work your plan. Share thoughts. Click the Comments link below to add value and start a thread. (Try not to be ‘anonymous’, though… kinda’ lame, ya’ know?)


I’m really looking forward to the Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA) 2007 MarkeTTech Symposium this coming fall. Together with my fellow planning committee members, we’re putting together a great list of speakers.

  • Fred Hron, Director of Corporate Communications; Forrest T. Jones>
  • Kathie Kinde, Manager of Marketing and Planning, AIA, a USI Affinity Co.
  • and Lidia Ventrella, Vice President, Aon Insurance Service

So far we have:

  • Eric L. Marhoun, Lord, Bissell & Brook — e-Signature
  • Marc Majers, — e-Commerce
  • Tom Dyson, Vertis — Data Optimizatio
  • Russell Rosen, Riverpoint — Data Optimization
  • Randy Wine, Direct Marketing Specialists — Direct Mail
  • Sandy Pernick, Pernick & Assoc. — Telemarketing
  • Greg Bruner, Michael Edwards Direct — Cross-sell/Up-sell
  • Kathy Bell, Smith Bucklin — Association Trends
  • TBA — Opening and Closing Keynotes and a couple other panelists

So we’re looking for a few more speakers if you have any suggestions. The theme for this year’s conference is “Breaking through the Clutter.” With all the marketing challenges today — the Federal Do Not Call legislation, an over- abundance of mail, the deluge of marketing messages all around us – advertising is becoming a blur. We’re looking for savvy, insurance marketing folks to help the audience understand there are new, successful ways of marketing — thus,

Contact me at 216-674-1600 ext. 116 if you would like to recommend a speaker.

The content of the conference will give attendees practical information which they can implement immediately. There will also be ample time to network, ask questions and get answers. I’m confident the conference will be innovative and full of great ideas which are economically accessible. The conference is November 11-13, at The Drake Hotel (Hilton) in Chicago, Illinois.

I’ll be speaking at the PIMA 2007 Summer Conference, July 26-29, at Stoweflake Resort, VT about The site, which IdeaStar developed, earned the 2006 Best of PIMA Award. The Medicare Part D enrolment site is an excellent example of how simple is often better, and how seniors really do use the Web.

That’s it for now. Hope to see you at both PIMA conferences.

PS. Some sights from the last two weeks… (click to enlarge)

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