An associate sent me this marketing article the other day, Top 10 Online Marketing Predictions for 2007 by Ryan Buchanan. It highlights a lot about what I said earlier about Web 2.0.

In the predictions, the writer mentions the importance of social media and forming niches, viral campaigns, user-generated content, refined e-mail strategies, becoming a media company, greater integration of video into Web sites, and the need for thoughtful, cause-related marketing online.

The insurance industry, naturally sensitive to risk and thus conservative in its practices, tends to cling to the old, tried-and-true methods of marketing, especially for health insurance. But I’m really excited by the sounds of change I’ve heard recently. As insurance companies learn more and more about the new online ways of marketing, how it promotes cost saving, time savings, and decreases enrollment errors, and (when done with skill and experience) DECREASES the risk of adverse selection, they are starting to get more and more of their products and services online.

So take a few minutes to read the article. Start thinking about the many new ways insurance companies can drive traffic, quotes, and enrollments. We really do live in exciting times for insurance marketing! But only if you embrace change and technology. No fear, no regrets.

PS. New favorite picture I shot at a recent HS basketball game. Click on it for a larger image. My son is in the second row on the left with the blue shirt. Great fun!

Favorite wildlife picture from Florida and the ICMG conference.