I chanced upon this article the other day in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. A sketch-on-a-napkin startup, by Frank Benayou, outlines the success of insurance.com.

The Cleveland-area-based company focuses on the online sales of automobile insurance. Company founder Dave Roush created a technology-driven auto-insurance agency, accessible through the Internet, supported by an in-bound call center.

For those of you who STILL hold fast to the notion that insurance sales should be kept off line –or that the Internet cannot be incorporated successfully — take note. The article states the 6-year-old company expects $500 million sold this year in annual premium. That sounds pretty successful to me. And, I think that success can apply across the board for all areas of insurance.

What does that mean for the many small insurance shops scattered through-out the United States? The article states there is a lot of uncertainty about how consumers will continue to shop for insurance. Those agents could lose clients to lower prices found online. The flipside is the cost involved in developing an online system. Will the major expense of launching a company “be sufficient to buy enough eyeballs focused on the Web site to make the business pay?”

One thing is for certain though. Use of the Internet is revolutionizing the insurance industry. If not a sea of change, it’s an evolution, as the article states.

IdeaStar has been successfully Web-enabling insurance products and services for forward-looking carriers and brokers for the past seven years. Most people understands the importance of the technology involved. But our clients understand the importance of adding marketing into that mix.

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