While I was at the Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA) Annual Meeting last week in Florida, I caught this bird hanging around the golf course. At first I thought it was a swan, but it can’t be. So if somebody could please let me know what it is, I would appreciate it.

The conference was great. I talked some insurance, took a few pictures, talked a lot about the Web and the future it holds, and I did A LOT of PODCASTING. People seemed excited by that. Take a few minutes to listen to the podcasts posted on this blog. There were some great presentations, and the comments add unique insights.

I also became the unofficial official photographer for the closing on Saturday night after the official photographer had to go to the Bears game. Take a look and see if I caught you or somebody you know in any of my shots. No, I’m not going to consider a career change. ;-)

I’ll be doing more podcasting and picture-taking at the Inter-company Marketing Group (ICMG) Annual Meeting next next week. (Yep – it’s back to sunny Florida for this snowy-Cleveland boy.) I’ll be talking to a lot of people there about the best ways to use the Web to market insurance products.

A special note, IdeaStar’s famous Wayne Largent and Jane Hudeck will also be attending. Stop by the IdeaStar booth and say “Hi!” I know many IdeaStar clients have e-mailed and talked to Jane and Wayne on the phone. Now’s your chance to meet them in person.

Jane and me at the ICMG Annual Meeting in 2006

Don’t forget to look for our booth. And remember, we’ll be giving away a “major award” leg lamp to a lucky winner.