Steve Snell recently stopped by our offices — during a snow storm! Among others, Steve used to be with AMS in Wisconsin, working on the eAMS initiative. Some time ago, he moved over to WellCare in Tampa (smart man!) to run their newly formed brokerage unit. Last year at ICMG we got to talking, saw each other again at Jesse Slome’s Med Supp Summit in New Orleans, one thing led to another, and before we knew it we were developing an agent enrollment site for Steve’s brokerage unit at WellCare.

Listen in as we hear about Steve’s experience with a cutting-edge agent appointment site, thoughts on what a carrier Web site in the senior health space might serve up, and where Steve feels the Web to headed for the senior agent of the future.

Thanks, Steve!

Click here for Episode 2 — Steve Snell & Web Technology in Senior Insurance Marketing.mp3

Steve Snell, VP National Distribution, Marketing guru for WellCare

Let it snow!

OK, I’m sporting a new ‘stache!