Ed and his wife Laurie (a favorite picture of mine)

I caught up with Ed Miltenberger, Vice President and savvy veteran with GILSBAR. I asked about the Web and the insurance industry and received some interesting remarks.

Disaster recovery talk: GILSBAR is located in the New Orleans metro area and successfully navigated the post-Katrina disaster-recovery scenario. It’s a compelling story that we heard last summer at Napa. Ed thinks that table-top scenarios are must-have’s for any enterprise. For example, the potential Avian bird-flu pandemic — employees might not be able to get to the main office. What do you do? Web-enabling business processes is key.

What about health and life carriers and Web-enabled insurance processes? This is an issue across the board. Some carriers have made huge investments in static technologies. Perhaps the better solution is to partner with specialists that can help you do business in a lot of different venues so that you are not necessarily dependent on carriers to make that investment.

Click here for Ed Miltenberger’s talk

Thanks Ed! And thanks again for the dinner with Laura Bush!