Now this is really interesting. I caught up with two veterans of the insurance direct marketing industry. Fortunately, John and Brian were in one place at one time.

Brian Mulconrey, Scenario Strategist — Presented: Four Futures of Personal Information Management, and the impacts on direct marketers and all of us on how we manage our information.

John Harrison, insurance direct marketing legend, founder of Keystone Equities About carriers and the Web:

John: The entire insurance process can be digitized. We don’t need to really have anything tangible. Distributors will drive carriers to adopt the Web process — or else….

Brian: Carriers price distribution and then pay for it. The carriers that will do well will be those that understand how to plug into distributors who have made their own investments in insurance technology.

Cost of not doing these things:

John: Entrepreneurs are developing technologies for agents that carriers are piggy-backing on. Seeing a lot of leveraging new technology for leads and immediate contacts. The agents will drive the changes, carriers will have to adapt to those changes.

Brian: The smartest and most progressive carriers are trying to integrate with the Web. A lot of talented producers with the right technology can share in tremendous productivity increases. Carriers must get up the learning curve quickly; and not just the senior management — the whole group within the carrier.

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