First a little side-note on LaBron James and the Cleveland Cavs. Last week I went to the home opener with my son. The “Q” was packed with playoff atmosphere. Great time! Especially since they won a close one. Click on the pictures for higher resolution…

Really like this banner on the side of a building next to the “Q”.

Larry Hughes going down the lane for a dunk at the end of the game!

LaBron icing the game with a finger-roll.

Zach and I as taken by a fan in front of us. We both had a “Witness” t-shirt on!

OK, on to business!

Web 2.0 — know that term. Here’s why:

I first heard the term a couple months ago. Although there seems to be an endless number of definitions, from my point of view for selling insurance online, it means developing communities and leveraging them for sales.

Blogs, podcasts, and those types of things are the early frontrunners for Web 2.0. RSS feeds and Ajax are examples of Web 2.0 technology that will facilitate online communities and help them flourish and grow.

The important point from an insurance standpoint for sales is the creation of online communities. For instance, in the past an alumni association might promote insurance products using their brand through regular mail. Then, with Web 1.0, that expanded to Web sites and maybe e-mail. The point being that Web 1.0 represented the rather straight-forward (yet often bungled) process of Web-enabling the traditional marketing process.

Now with Web 2.0, you have a whole new category of self-forming affinity groups that didn’t exist before, that come and go, and that require a whole different set of marketing approaches. It will be fun watching to see how this develops.

Looks like I need to update with some new 2.0 ideas….