Unfortunately, my flight from Cleveland to Boston was delayed, so I missed the Head of the Charles.

Radcliffe Crew wrapping up at the Harvard Boathouse

Fairmont Copley Plaza is a beautiful place

Conference Chair Lee McDonald, A.M. Best

Got my mug on the screen talking about “Why EFusion???”

Some interesting points…

  • Web 2.0 — a recent term that seems important. It means new Web technology that encompasses “online community” and the “architecture of communication.”
  • 2004 — $9b in insurance premium was influenced by the Web.
  • Existing players in insurance Web marketing are increasing their spending.
  • Web site development “star” function is on the rise (hmmm… like IdeaStar?)
  • Facilitate Web user “conversations” rather than assuming you have them captive when they hit your site.
  • I love this one: Joke among P&C crowd — “at least the Health & Life folks are moving online faster than libraries!”
  • Stagnation & Decline – this is what happens when exec’s don’t drive change and keep score.

Yikes… More later.

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