Outstanding Top of the Hub networking last night.

Familiar Boston nights

Take a wild guess on food items?!?!

Old friends catching up…

I know there is a lot going on, but lets start by taking a look at podcasting.

  • Podcasting is just beginning to touch the insurance industry. It allows you to deliver the latest news in audio form directly from your office or LOB through the Internet. What amazing potential!
  • What to podcast about??? There’s so much to comment on, including agents using tech., thoughts from the biz line, impact of current events, competition, etc.. Podcasting is the perfect vehicle.
  • Materials and cost?? All you need to podcast is a laptop, USB microphone, Dynametric plugs to record interviews taken over the telephone, Audacity freeware for the audio-editing. Or spend a little more on Digi-design MBox2 Pro Tools.
  • Designate a young creative-type on our team as the “production guru”.
  • Create and 8-week cycle – the current 2-3 weeks are ‘in the can’ and getting approved, middle 2-3 weeks are in production, last 2-3 weeks in concept (lining up speakers, images, soundbites, etc.).

Memorial in front of Trinity Church near the Copley Kahlil Gibran, Boston’er in the early 1900′s (click on the photo to see the bird swooping in… for some camera time middle-right!)

Now let’s take a look at Enterprise Mobility, the ability for an employee to access job-related tools and information out on the road. It’s no longer just nice to have. It’s now a must have.

Wireless devices are becoming standard equipment like laptops. But rather than just a simple cell phone, you need to use the good stuff – Blackberry, Treo, etc… It is important to integrate wireless with core business processes. Remember the need for sporadic, multmedia training and that devices wear out in a year.

And while you may be thinking “Why would I complicate my life more?” there is a strong ROI. Enterprise Mobility promotes less inbound calls, greater knowledge in the field, improved inbound data quality and more. And if you do it right, it simplifies your life, makes you more efficient, and allows for more free-time, not less. Don’t stick your head in the sand on this… like anything else, it’s about managing responsibilities and stuff.

This is way cool: There are now computerized pens with Bluetooth capability for ‘wet’ signature online. You can read about it here.

More later…

Thanks, Mike

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