There are so many landmines which can derail an insurance Web project, I decided to break this post into two parts; next week — Part B.

Based on my experience, here are three landmines to watch out for.

  • Scope creep
  • In-house IT resistance
  • Passive-aggressive behind-the-scenes divisiveness

Scope creep, where a project continues to grow beyond its original guidelines, can continually delay the launch of a Web project. The essential functionality gets delayed, and you end up trying to launch too much at once in a hurry. It is better to keep a project small — taking one or two steps at a time — so the intended audience is not overwhelmed with new stuff. Additional functionality can be added in the next phase.

In-house IT resistance can be a big problem. Whether intentional or not, IT often drags their feet and/or over-complicates the Web-enabled processes. It is better to sit down and discuss the project with them before starting. You want them on board. It’s not in anyone’s interest to have IT as an obstacle.

Passive-Aggressive behavior. Am I the only one or does PA behavior seem like a plague in our society these days? Here’s an example: Open-floor calls for input in meetings are met with silence. But after the meeting, the PA person gets on the phone or fires off emails to express comments that should have been raised in the meeting. Whether that opinion is good or bad is not the point. It is critical that everyone involved in the project remains part of the conversation. As a receiver of the PA behavior, I would encourage people that if somebody tries to discuss an issue after the meeting — whether you agree or not — tell them to bring it up in the next meeting. If it is relevant information, there should be no problem discussing it in a public setting.

If anyone has suggestions or additions, we’re all ears! Next week:

  • Lack of Focus
  • Over-zealous IT Security
  • Unrealistic Time Frames