I’m buried following two weeks out of the office, but I wanted to post a few comments and pictures from PIMA before too much time elapses. I will also be posting a pod-cast of thoughts and observations from the event later this week. Click here to view more pictures (Opening, wine-tasting, Closing). There is a Slideshow button on the top-right of the gallery page. I must say that if you are in the Insurance Marketing industry at the carrier or mass-distribution level, I highly recommend that you give PIMA a try. The next conference is MarkeTTech in Chicago the first of October. ICMG is also excellent, as well as AM Best’s EFusion Conference.

Of note, there was quite a bit of talk about Internet utilization and marketing techniques, especially targeting ‘cohorts’ among Babyboomers. I also heard that a few more large carriers are getting into e-signature, so that’s good news. Unfortunately, a lot of carrier folks reported that their hands are still tied by internal IT resources trying to reinvent the wheel. Call me crazy, but it would seem illogical not to use a group that specializes in that kind of marketing.

On a side-note, if you are ever in the San Fran area, carve a little extra time into your schedule, drive across the Golden Gate Bridge, and take a tour into Muir Woods. Walking through 1000 year-old Redwoods reminded me of a trip to the Grand Canyon – incredible!

There’s never a dull moment at PIMA! Here’s a picture from the Opening.

Ah yes. If you are in Napa, you must do a wine-tasting tour. Sumptuous!

50s Night theme party presented ample opportunity for a fun-filled Closing!

Look at that tree trunk! Imagine how HIGH it goes!

Alcatraz Island from the North Beach area. I happened to catch the search light.

Transamerica Tower as seen from Little Italy. Great fun for an Ohio guy!