Here’s something I’m excited about: I’m involved in a really cool project helping a big, multi-line carrier to Web-enable its agent contracting and appointing process. This will solve about 10 major problems with the carrier’s current offline process. Further enhancing ROI, it’s also going to be a potential solution for clients for whom this carrier does agent administration for.

The top 10 issues are:

  1. Incomplete paper work
  2. Appointment fee collections
  3. The integrity of agent hierarchies
  4. Automating background and licensing checks
  5. Contracting thousands of existing Med Supp agents for Part D

Items 6-10 relate more to carrier-specific fixes that will reduce costs and improve efficiencies.

It’s going to be a great site. I hope to nominate it for an AM Best EFusion award next year. By the way, I got the green light to nominate another client site for EFusion 2006. More on that later.

Favorite pic from the weekend: You might have heard that Cleveland had some of the worst flooding in recorded history last Thursday. I heard that the Cuyahoga River crested at its highest level EVER. So a golf fund-raiser scheduled for Saturday in the worst-hit community was in jeopardy. But Saturday dawned absolutely crystal-clear — great conditions for golf (and photography!). So among others, I got a great shot of my playing partner trying to drive the greeen on a short Par 4. It’s hard to see, but the ball is in view east of the pine tree and north of the club head. It will make a great poster — especially in the dead of winter!