I had an outstanding trip to Des Moines last week. More details later because it’s a great story, but suffice to say that Mark Seghers with ASK Consulting puts on quite a great e-business symposium. This particular carrier was indeed lucky to have such a breadth and depth of available talent in one place at one time. And he timed it so that we got out of there just before the International PORK Expo hit town!

My laptop crashed on the way home, so I lost the pictures I took in Des Moines. Perhaps I’ll be able to retrieve them later. But on the way home as I waited for a stand-by seat in Chicago, I had the urge to snap this picture. I couldn’t hear what was being said, but this traveler was sitting near these two boys telling what must have been great stories. The looks on the boys’ faces are priceless. Notice the dad in the background reading the paper, and the teenage older sister with her headphones on reading a magazine. I love America!