We have a podcast for you with Jim Fisher, president of IdeaStar, and Mike Wise, VP, discussing photography. If you ever visit the halls of our office in Cleveland you will see the walls covered with photographs. Since Jim is the president most of the photographs in the main hallways are his. Mike’s photographs are relegated to his office. Maybe someday Jim will allow one of Mike’s in the hall but don’t hold your breath.

Take a listen and hear a couple of shooters talk about their experiences and passions with the camera. The file is a biggie and lasts about 41 minutes!

Mike Wise with trusty monopod in hand. Mike loves sports shots especially of his two children, Zach, 17, and Kelle, 15. You can find his online portfolio here at SmugMug.

Jim Fisher loves shooting travel scenes like the Southern Bavarian Alps. Jim publishes his photos at his personal blog site and also sells his images globally through Alamy stock agency.

Below are a few of the images which Jim and Mike discuss in the podcast. You can click on any image to enlarge. Enjoy!

Bridge over Cuyahoga River, Cleveland OH by Jim Fisher

Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China, by Jim Fisher

Ohio HS State Championship game-saving “Save” by Mike Wise.