Last week I had the opportunity to meet with my fellow planners for the 2006 Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA) MarkeTTech Symposium, to be held Oct. 1 through 3 in Chicago. After a bit of brainstorming, we decided to base our theme on The Windy City: “Winds of Change.” I like it!

Here’s why: Technology and its ever-increasing uses in marketing have the “Winds of Change” blowing through the insurance industry. The question is, how will your company fare? Will it seize the new opportunities and be ‘blown” to new shores of abundance? Or will it react too slowly to change and become a wind-blown ghost town with tumbleweeds rolling through?

In order to harness the “Winds of Change,” here’s my recommendations:

  • be nimble enough to tack in a new direction
  • keep watch on technology shifts and speed
  • make sure your team is skilled in change-management
  • sail with the wind as much as possible but don’t be afraid to head into the wind as needed
  • be proactive and agressive — decisiveness seems critical
  • watch what others are doing, both good and bad
  • recruit, train, and fortify a good crew

On the Internet technology side of things, IdeaStar can definitely help insurance marketing folks harness the “Winds of Change.” Since about 1999 we’ve been helping insurance companies find ways to use new marketing technologies. So we have a good sense of where the winds are blowing and what it takes to fill your sails. Don’t hestitate to call or write.

Be sure to bookmark MarkeTTech 2006. I can’t tell you who they are just yet, but there will be some GREAT speakers who know a whole lot about changing concepts in distribution. You will leave with some very practical and tactical tips and tools. Save the date: Oct. 1 through 3.