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I’m heading to the PIMA Annual Meeting next week in Naples, Fla. – looking forward to it. I’m on tap to host a breakfast Roundtable on Search Engine Optimization. As I’ve said previously, SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are must-have’s in any Web marketing operation. So the PIMA folks that come to the table should get a lot of helpful take-aways.

Naples should be a great place to be next week as well. Spring Training is starting up so I’ll be catching a Tribe/Twins game in Ft. Myers (say that 3 times fast!). The conference will be in full-swing on Friday, so I’ll try to make a post ‘remotely’ using my PDA. I’m sure there will be lots of interesting new information relative to insurance technology.

Oh yeah. If you see a guy walking through the airport with a funny-looking blue pillow in the shape of star with arms sticking out, that’s me! I’ve got a new “Mascot” – IdeaStud. He’s tha’ MAN! – and a great traveling companion. :-)

And if you are wondering why we are so excited about PIMA, just ask….

Is it the beaches?

Is it the shopping?

Or is it the sunsets? It must be all three!


First, you might appreciate a picture I took at the ICMG Annual Meeting in Phoenix. It’s cold and snowy here in Cleveland — a shot of a sunrise behind some distant mountains with a lone cactus pointing to the sky seems to help…

About a 4-5 weeks ago, we got wind of a conference in Boston dealing with credit card security relative to the Internet and Web sites. This is an ever-evolving subject, and one that requires VERY careful attention. In fact, it’s so important that I’m going to do a little more research before posting anything too specific here. Suffice it to say that credit card security is yet another compelling reason for insurance e-commerce Web development and hosting to be outsourced to companies like IdeaStar. The capture, handling, storage or transfer, and deleting (wiping, really) of credit card data is a minefield. Insurance companies need to assess the credit card risk areas before launching a site that collects agent appointment fees, insurance premium payments, etc.

More next week – stay tuned. Stay WARM!


I thought you might like to hear this sound-bite from ICMG. When it comes to understanding Web sites as they apply to insurance e-business, this industry veteran had a great comment. So I grabbed a microphone and asked him to say it again. What do you think?

The Landscape Analogy. (1:08)


I recently had Mark Seghers, a veteran of insurance e-business and independent consultant, in to help with a project. So I thought I’d take a minute and switch things up a bit by recording a conversation about the “State of the Insurance e-Business”. Take a listen!

The state of insurance and technology podcast. (28:36)

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