If you are looking for an opportunity to discuss the buying and selling of insurance products, there’s a great conference coming up. The Inter-Company Marketing Group’s (ICMG) 22nd Annual Meeting is scheduled for January 24 through 26. at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort, Phoenix, Arizona.

It’s a really nice, new resort south of Phoenix on the Gila Indian Reservation. There’s a beautiful golf course in a desert location. I know this because I used to live in beautiful, sunny Phoenix instead of Cleveland (don’t ask, it’s a long story! — and I wouldn’t change a thing!). This is one of the last areas to be developed in the Phoenix metropolitan area — gorgeous.

Approximately 300 insurance marketing executives are expected to attend. You can see who some of those people are. Click here.

The purpose of ICMG is to bring together makers of insurance products and sellers of insurance products. The conference gives everyone an opportunity to get together and do deals – or at least start the discussion.

My purpose for being there is to raise my hand and say, “Wait! Before you close the deal, let’s talk about the technology component. Make sure, where appropriate, your agents can do quoting, enrollments, and more online WITHOUT paper.” As I’ve said before, when done correctly, Web-enabled insurance processes are better, faster, and cheaper.

The good news is insurance marketing execs are finally starting to “get it”. The bad news is the their IT departments are still getting in the way. As I said recently in a presentation at a recent conference, “Insurance distribution sites are not IT sites – they are Marketing sites.” When IT gets involved, it’s been my experience that, in general, costs go UP, time frames go OUT, and quality goes DOWN. (…All right, I’ll get off my rant….)

So I’m really looking forward to this meeting. ICMG does a great job of facilitating the event, allowing a lot of time for networking. There will be a small exhibition area. Come visit me at the IdeaStar booth.

And besides, it’s the perfect time of year to get out of Cleveland — a little too much snow with no ski hills for my preference. Next week I will discuss new stuff on Search Engine Optimization — a critical component for insurance distribution sites. See you next week.