Why am I talking about Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? The main reason is the national Do Not Call and Do Not Mail lists, and what I’ve seen accomplished through SEM.

Everybody knows about the Do Not Call list. It’s been in place for about five years. The Do Not Mail lists are new and will probably become just as important in the area of restricting unwanted marketing materials. So if you can’t call and you can’t send mail, what’s left? SEM!

People will use search engines to find information; No question about that. So to effectively market insurance in the future, it makes sense to include an SEM game plan. Now, I can’t go into all the details about SEM in a blog post. But you can stay tuned to my favorite Search Engine Specialist, Susanne Svette’s, blog Spinfield. I also found interesting a recent article about the importance of location on the search engine results page. The article proves that people look top to bottom and left to right on a Web page. We also know that people have a limited attention span on any given Web page. Not hard to make conclusions about effective SEM placement…

My concern is that traditional insurance companies are not pursuing SEM campaigns. While not wanting to be alarmist, it really is important for insurance companies to start playing in the SEM game. Remember: it takes time to do well in the search engines.

Here’s a real-time example: One of our clients is participating in Medicare Part D. They were also a part of the discount drug card program. Since Part D started, they’ve had over 30,000 enrollments that originated from search engines. And, they’ve had over 100,000 search engine impressions. I know they are glad they are in the SEM game. Are you?