Here’s an interesting thing I’m looking forward to: I’ve been asked to facilitate a session at a Med Supp conference in New Orleans this coming May. That’s right – hurricane-ravaged New Orleans.

The American Insurance Institute is sponsoring its first “Issues and Trends in Medicare Supplement Insurance” conference May 1 through 3. (To the best of my knowledge, this is the first-ever industry conference exclusively for Med Supp professionals.) The organization had already booked the hotel and made arrangements prior to the arrival of Hurricane Katrina. With all the destruction, there was some talk of relocating the conference. But the conference organizers quickly decided to stick with New Orleans as a way to help the city. So not only will it be a great conference, but it will be part of the solution for helping downtown New Orleans.

The conference will include a distinguished list of speakers. Topics will include:

  • Can Med Supp Make Money for Your Company?
  • Industry Overview: Players, Products, Profitability and A Look Toward the Future
  • What is the Market Potential for Med Supp Insurance Sales
  • The Political Outlook for Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • A Current Look Inside Medicare SELECT
  • and much more.

I will be discussing Web-enabled Med Supp Sales – Helping Producer Networks Sell More. We’ll be looking at whether or not a Web site can help agents and consumers understand and decide which Plan best suits the individual needs. I’ll also discuss the latest and best practices in Web-enablement, plus, proven techniques to help agent-broker networks sell faster and more efficiently using online services and tools – search engine marketing, affilliate marketing, cross-selling, etc., etc….

Personally, I see a really big opportunity for more Med Supp insurers and distributors to leverage the Web for quoting and enrollments. Did you know that according to an International Demographics report, of the approximate 15.7 million Americans aged 55 to 64, about nine million use the Web today? And one of the biggest things they use the Web for is finding health information. In fact, according to a Pew report, of all adult Internet users, 30% use a search engine to find information DAILY! That’s a lot of traffic. So there is little question that as the baby boomers age, having an online, meaningful solution will be an asset.

As one of the only Web developers with significant experience in e-signature-based medicare supplement enrollments, I’m looking forward to sharing IdeaStar’s insights with the group. I hope to see you there!