Remember the discussion we had in February regarding the million dollar agent portal that was “panned” by agents? The agent feedback at that time was that the site had poor aesthetic qualities and lacked intuitive design. In other words, the agents it was designed to serve don’t like the look of the site or how it operates.

By sheer coincidence I happened to have a recent phone call with the senior vice president of sales for that same company. I met her at a recent conference, and she mentioned in passing that the company had launched an agent portal during the past year.

I told the company executive that one of their agents had given me access to the site during a conversation about its disappointments. That opened a whole conversation about the real deal on the site. To make a long story short, the company executive told me “the site is not getting the traffic that was intended.”

Making matters worse, the site developers — an internal resource — are not responsive to change requests, even those requested by the agents. The disappointment we anticipated six months ago is coming to fruition.

So why use IdeaStar instead of in-house IT resources to get your insurance services online? I’m going to beat this drum again…

If you use IdeaStar, you will invest a fourth of the money, a fourth of the time, and get a solution that is four times better (OK I’m into 4′s today, but close enough!). And if the original version is not all that it needs to be, changes will also happen in a fourth of the time at a fourth of the cost. So, you will arrive at your desired competitive advantage better-faster-cheaper.

Another thing — most people agree that a Web site needs to be updated every six to 12 months. If the site architecture is designed effectively, refreshing its look-and-feel is a very small job. Net-net, your return on investment will be much higher with IdeaStar.

Remember, without a doubt it is faster and cheaper to hire a specialist like IdeaStar.

PS. Any folks in the know feel like guessing who the above-referenced company is?