In a previous post, I mentioned that CMS would likely be accepting online enrollments for Medicare Part D – the prescription drug plan for seniors. This has been confirmed. As to the nature of the e-signature requirements for online enrollments, I am starting to receive more definitive guidance. This week, I received an email response from CMS that said the following:

“CMS will permit individuals to complete an enrollment request online. The process we envision is similar to the one used in the drug card program, and will be optional for PDP sponsors… More information describing online enrollment will be provided in PDP enrollment and disenrollment guidance in the coming weeks.”

So what are the essentials of the e-signature process for the drug card program? Based on my research on existing DDC enrollment sites, it seems to be a fairly standard, easy-to-implement e-signature workflow. The essential CMS elements seem to include:

  1. Required CMS language – CMS verification, disenrollment notice, etc.
  2. Enrollee provides their confidential personal information in the workflow – SSN, HIC#, Credit Card for fees & premium, and other data as necessary
  3. An “I Agree” button and related language
  4. “Intent to enroll” language
  5. Legal explanations of e-signature

A good model is the enrollment engine @

More to follow…