“In case anyone is interested, there is a CMS-hosted weekly conference call every Wednesday at 3:30pm Eastern. Here is the registration page:

Unfortunately, there are no archived minutes for previous calls. There are also no notes of these calls distributed. I will do my best to attend these calls, capture notes, and post them to this Blog.

Also, I received this email from CMS on 04/21/2005 regarding online enrollments:

“We will be allowing on-line enrollments and will provide further information about the requirements in our upcoming guidance on enrollment for PDPs. We are working on this now and plan to release it at some point in May.

“As far as your website, I believe that website content must be approved under the same process as other marketing material, but I would defer to those responsible for PDP marketing, also copied on this e-mail.

“I am not aware of specific rules for collecting premium payments.”

From a Web development timeframe standpoint, assuming CMS issues the guidance on schedule, IdeaStar is looking at client project kick-offs by the end of May. This means site design could be done by the end of June and launched by the end of August, leaving plenty of room for CMS testing prior to the 11/15 launch date.

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or comments to share, feel free to Comment on this post or call or write.