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Amazingly, after so much struggle to succeed with internally-developed Web portals for independent agents, yet another significant health insurer crashed and burned on an internally developed agent portal. This time, over $1 million was spent on a team of 8-10 developers over 12 months, on a system which agents have generally panned. The site has poor aesthetic qualities and a serious lack of intuitive design.

Tell me this: How can a team of AS400 programmers be expected to design and develop an A+ Web portal? You can have all the data in the world telling you the exact functionality desired by the field. But in the final analysis, you have to develop a “restaurant” that agents will be excited about eating at every day — one that will be extremely efficient, no extra steps and clicks — and one that will be 100% accurate. The latter is a heck of a lot easier than the former. How this carrier expected something beyond a C+/B- site is beyond comprehension.

Unfortunately, that’s what they got — a C site. Good luck salvaging that operation. Next time, outsource to a proven Web developer and leave the internal folks to focus on their specialty!


IdeaStar Insurance Technologies Vice President Mike Wise had a great time at the recent Inter-Company Marketing Group 21st Annual Meeting and Conference in Tampa. He had a lot of fun at the Saddlebrook Resort, talked a lot about IdeaStar’s Web-enabled insurance products, and played an awesome round of golf. He even managed to dodge the alligators that frequent the golf course.

If you would like to talk to Mike about how IdeaStar can Web-enable your insurance business, call him toll free at 800-766-2635.


Even President George Bush is pushing IT when it comes to health records. Insurance Technologies hold the promise of being part of the solution in reforming the health care industry. Read more….


IdeaStar’s Insurance Technologies team is all-a-buzz over a recent article in the February 2005 issue of Insurance Networking News. Our client, America’s Health Care Rx Plan, is featured in an article highlighting its Web portal

The Internet-based distribution network cuts application processing time and expense for carriers, gives agents a more efficient and profitable way to write policies, and provides consumers with competitive, lower-cost health insurance.

This is a wonderful example of how IdeaStar’s online insurance technology can benefit distributors, agents and customers. Almost a year after going online, the Web site has resulted in more than $10 million in premium revenue.

Take a moment to read the article and imagine what IdeaStar can do for you! Call Mike Wise at 800-766-2635 ext. 116.

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