In truth, I’m not sure why I feel led to share this. I guess deep down my hope is that through sharing, it will diminish the burden Diane and I will bear as parents of a deployed soldier who leaves behind a wife, a toddler, and an infant.

Zach & Jenny, Malachi & Hazel Anne, Nov2017

Zach & Jenny, Malachi & Hazel Anne, Nov2017

A secondary hope is that the story will give yet another face to the War on Terror, to personalize it, for people that might come into contact with this page. A LOT of people have been touched by this War ever since 9/11. We HAVE to do this. Together.

1LT Zach Wise, Ranger, Kandahar Area, Afghanistan, May 2013

1LT Zach Wise, Ranger, Kandahar Area, Afghanistan, May 2013

Zach was deployed to Afghanistan for most of 2013. As a Dad, I learned a lot. I’ll never forget when he Skyped us asking for special prayers as he was going to be in harm’s way the next day and for 24 hours. He would let us know when the danger had passed. We didn’t hear from him for 4 days…

I’ll also never forget when we got the phone call from Ft. Bliss, TX where his unit was deployed from. “Your soldier has left Afghanistan, sir.” Oh what joy we shared.

Airport Reunion with Mom, "A Flood of Emotion"

Airport Reunion with Mom, “A Flood of Emotion”

In the meantime, Zach got married and started a family. Diane and I sold our long-time house in Ohio. Kelle, our daughter, graduated college and started her life in Cambodia. And we moved to Boston. With precious few moments of discussion with Zach in the ensuing 4 years, I knew I wanted to handle the next Deployment differently. One thing was for certain – I would make a pre-Deployment video with words of encouragement and favorite bible verses from a cloud of witnesses.

I will also be staying in more regular contact and sending more of my specialty – a batch of hand-made, Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.

As time goes by, I’ll update this page in the Comments – for all the same reasons above.

“Go get ‘em, Z!” – Todd, his Best Man

“HOORAH, Wiz-EE!!!” – College Soccer Coach


I recorded this video last year. Subsequently, I worked on a side project helping a WebWisedom client test these concepts. The project was highly successful on a number of levels. So I thought I’d finally share the video.

Open-road Tolling LinkedIn Pulse

Mass Pike Open-road Tolling

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I thought it would be fun and interesting to make a video to explain my transition from Cleveland to Boston. So I set up my camera at three iconic places in CLE at Christmas time, plus a 4th with deep meaning to me personally.

At the Cleveland Arcade America's 1st Indoor Shopping Mall

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Last week’s 2016 PIMA MidYear Meeting was off-the-charts good. As a returning member, I went about my business talking to people about amazing new Social Tech opportunities, which by the way got more traction than ever before by a wide margin. As promised, along the way, I asked attendees at random what their Top 2-3 Challenges are today.

WebWisedom Winner: Most Amazing Slide

Winner: Most Amazing Slide by Greg Bailey, Denim

  1. “…professional association membership decline…maybe some newer associations will help…”
  2. “…regulatory disruption…”
  3. “What is distribution going to look like? What products and services do we invest in?”
  4. “…traditional association group space is becoming tighter and more rigid…”
  5. “…AARP is a group and individual hybrid and perhaps the most successful…is there a stronger affinity and how long did it take to get there?”
  6. “Many Association Directors are not keeping up with changes in technology.”
  7. “…reluctance to reinvest in technology…legacy platforms that don’t talk to each other…working on tried-and-true margins and profit and not investing, but we could save FTE’s…” Read the rest of this entry »
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