First of all, I’m an idiot and I don’t get a lot of things right. Nuf said.

Boy, it’s been one heck of a year. Today marks the return to HubSpot Inbound. Last year, at the end of #Inbound13, Scott Harrison’s closing keynote ROCKED MY WORLD and sent me in a new direction. Read the rest of this entry »


nikkisplace.org Before & After

It’s Labor Day 2014 back in the States. After flying halfway around the world from Saturday morning to Sunday night, I’m back in Thailand this week to help an orphanage for children with HIV – Agape Home. As I guest posted on their new blog, some friends of mine asked me if I would help this group with their digital capabilities – Web, Social, Donor Management – simple digital plumbing that would go a long way towards helping them expand to handle more children.

Step one has been overhauling the Web site. The old site was flash-based and didn’t work on mobile, hard to update, lots of challenges. Following eight weeks of work, their new site launched last Friday – not fancy, but suitable for this first phase.

Phase Two will be all about selecting, installing, and training on a new donor management, cloud-based core platform.

This week, Read the rest of this entry »


June was an action-packed month for me, criss-crossing the country multiple times, speaking at four different events, tLondon Tubealking with a lot of people about Social Tech and insurance, meeting with clients, and working with a non-profit in Thailand via Skype. As the local psychologist said about Dr. Mavin at the end of What About Bob after Dr. Marvin leaps and tackles Bob at is own surprise birthday party, “It’s a lot to bite off all at once…”

But the intersection of travel, speaking with people, presenting, and meeting with clients caused me to discuss with others the following critically important question: Read the rest of this entry »


#EIF2014 Reflections

Amazing! So glad I went!

Background: I found out about the European Insurance Forum via my Social Tech River of Information and a video put out by WRIN.TV – World Risk and Insurance News. (Sidebar – I had the chance to sit next to John Greene, founder of WRIN.TV. Grateful. More on that later.)

WRIN.TV Interview of Jacob Rosengarten

WRIN.TV Interview of Jacob Rosengarten
Supply chain risks and Social Media

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First, breaking news. So pumped to be going to the #EIF2014 Meeting in Dublin, Ireland in two weeks. Can’t wait to learn about the European Insurance scene! I’m also trying to organize a Tweetup in London the day before. #LondonInsTweetup14 (Btw, thankful for understanding how to leverage the concept I teach called Rivers of Information. I’ll tell ya! UBER useful when you have to learn about something fast.)

Also, I greatly appreciated the previous comments last time on the question about a future shift away from internal email and onto Internal Collaborative (i.e. Social) Networks. Great takes. Thank SO much.

WebWisedom-Social-Tech-Boot-Camp "Before" Shot

Empty Meeting Room
Where are all the people? Online.

Virtualization and Social Business. Is there a connection? You bet there is. I’m no expert on virtual meeting tools, but certainly Social Tech tools like Jive Software and Google Hangouts, to name a couple, are making virtual meeting spaces possible. Private and public, ubiquitous Wi-Fi networks, paperless environments, Smartphones, uber effective and reliable laptops, and so many more technologies are known to actually facilitate INCREASES in productivity and job satisfaction when people work virtually. We see it all the time in crisis situations – natural disasters, power-failures, terrorist attacks, deaths in the family, illnesses, sick children, the list goes on and on when we have an epiphery, as Michael Scott said. “Wow, I got a lot done today working from home! Awesome! I gotta do this more often!”  Read the rest of this entry »